John Calvin...

John Calvin is one of the greatest theologians raised up by God.  His work influenced generations.  Yet the enemies of Calvin have consistently tried to blacken his name for the execution of Servetus as a heretic.  This article by William Cunningham addresses the subject very fully.

PQRM Report 2008 PQRM Report 2007

Public Questions, Religion & Morals Committee

The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Bill / Hitler / Abortion  - what is man? And much more...............

The sin of Homosexuality - a warning to the Nation

Convener of the PQRM Committee at the time and writer of the Reports: Rev James I. Gracie, Edinburgh Congregation.

1 Timothy 2:4

When Paul states that God "would have all men to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth" does he really mean every man, women and child in the world? This view is certainly prevalent today. But is this the only answer? This article loooks at what reformed men have had to say on the subject.

William Cunningham 1 Timothy 2:4

Why did the Free Church Continuing defend itself at law?  This response given by the minister of the congregation to a fellow minister gives some insight into the reasons for Appealing against the decision of Lord Uist.

Going To Law

Going To Law Protest Defined

The Right of Continued Protest

What is the Right of Continued Protest?  Has it been used before in the history of the Scottish Church?  Has a court of the church the authority to stop a man protesting when he in good conscience holds to the Constitution to which he has solemnly vowed?  This document seeks to address these and other questions.

Case For Litigation

Why does the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) exist? Why was there a split in the year 2000?  What is the Right of Continued Protest and what place does it have in history? This document, prepared by the Rev. James I. Gracie, goes some way to answering these questions.  


This is the first time this document has been made public.  It remains a private document, the property of the writer.  However, it is now made public with a view to helping the wider public understand the position of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing).

Why The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)?