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All Welcome

If you do not attend church, are interested in learning more about the Gospel, or would just like either the minister or an elder to give you a visit, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Our services are simple in style, with the preaching of the Gospel having the primary place. No rock bands. No drama. Preaching Christ crucified is our business. A precentor leads the singing of the Psalms, as was the practice in the Church of Scotland at the time of the Reformation and for many years thereafter.

We believe we must not only Preach God's Word, but that it is appropriate that we sing God's Word. The ministry is maintained by the free-will offering of our people.

We now have a service in Spanish every Lord's Day afternoon. If you are a Spanish speaker you are most welcome to come along.

"In the midst...

Please visit our



...was there the tree of Life"

[Revelation 22:2]


Listen to sermons on "Great Events In the Old Testament" on YouTube

Our Sermons are to be found on our dedicated Vimeo channel called "Praise For The King of Kings" Press the logo opposite to be taken directly to our Vimeo channel.

Sermon Audio Our sermons also feature on sermonaudio. Press the logo above to be taken to our Homepage on sermonaudio. Please note that all sermons uploaded to the sermonaudio website appear on this website. To access these sermons please go to the 'Our Sermons' page.

Sample some of the sermons on our vimeo channel "Praise For The King of Kings"